FPT Online Service Joint Stock Company

FPT Online Service Joint Stock Company was officially established in on July 1st , 2007. FPT Online’s birth marked the beginning of a business direction not new but promising in the global digital technology trend of FPT Corporation. FPT Online focuses on online advertisement, online games, online music, social network, SMS services. With these activities, FPT Online has gradually affirmed its position in the digital content market. FPT Online is concentrating constantly on investment and improving of the content, which in time meets the needs of the market and the outstanding growth of the digital industry. Since August 2006, FPT Online has put the Gate Passport Account registration system in operation. This system allows players to register an account but can be used for a variety of games such as Special Force, Tian Long Ba Bu, MU Online, PTV,…In the present, Gate card is also used as a mean of payment for 7 telecommunications in Vietnam, including Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel, S-Fone, Beeline, Vietnamobile and EVNT. In addition, this card is circulated in other services of FPT Online, VTC game, Net2E, Asiasoft, Sgame, Vitalk, iWin.vn, Netgame, Tamtay.vn. 1280 .VN, Mega or Garena ... Besides that, the company has involved in online advertising market since 2000’s with key product VnExpress.net e-newspapers. With 10 working- experience -years, FPT Online is currently Number 1 unit of online advertising in Vietnam, accounting for nearly 50% of the online advertising market. Apart from the logo and banner styled in tradition, the company has deployed to provide advanced forms of advertising such as rich media (advertising nature and interactive media), comprehensive digital marketing solutions (combination of digital media such as mobile phones, etc.)

The company exclusively exploits the online advertisement on:

From 1/7/2010, FPT Online officially incorporated on organizational structures, financial accounting, licensing procedures. Over 600 employees of FPT Communication, FPT Visky, FPT Online became FPT ONLINE at headquarters 408 Dien Bien Phu (HCMC) and Ha Thanh City Plaza (Hanoi).FPT Online operates effectively after the merger.

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